The Liebster Award

Have you heard of the Liebster Award? Probably a few of you have. It’s an award that makes the rounds on the blogosphere, given to anyone with an active blog and less than 200 followers. I imagine the purpose is to attract more followers and also to ‘discover new blogs’ – and I am all for that! […]

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Ipoh Old Town: In Pictures

Everyone sees ‘Ipoh’ on the sign posts in KL, but I don’t think many people go there. However, I’m here to tell you that you should: it’s stuffed full of heritage buildings, old coffee shops and charming locals. I’d love to write a full piece on this sleepy city, but I’m a little pushed for […]

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The Perils of Walking in Kuala Lumpur

I love walking. There is something incredibly satisfying about arriving somewhere and knowing you got there under your own steam. Combined with the obvious problem-solving situations of getting lost, misreading your map, or simply having an awful sense of direction, like me. No-one walks anywhere far in KL. No-one that is, except me and Bob. I’ve found […]

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